We Help you Enter the Halal Pharmaceutical
Market with a Wide Spectrum of Services.

Our services cover everything from market research, establishing halal compliant drug manufacturing processes, to acquiring halal certifications.

New Market Analysis

We actively search the market for updates in the halal pharmaceuticals space which would provide companies with opportunities to access new markets.

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Halal Compliance

We verify if a certain drug ingredient and its manufacturing process are halal compliant according to national and international standards.

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Halal Process Development

Our scientists will develop for our clients an optimized chemical or biological route for a target pharmaceutical product that can be certified Halal.

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Halal Manufacturing

We can also help different companies establish relationships with the right contract manufacturing service providers for the halal production of pharmaceuticals.

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Halal Drug Certification

Our expertise in regulations will help take products through the halal certification process in major halal endorsing countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Turkey. We also help you establish an internal halal certification committee which is essential for acquiring and maintaining halal certification.

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New Market Development

We have an extensive network in the OIC countries to help you establish strategic alliances for your product in the regions of interest.

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